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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
My name is Tamara and I was an active member in the Marines back in 1984. I had fallen 3 stories and was hospitalized with both feet badly broken and I had asked for a visit from the chaplain (Christian /baptist) not knowing who would come. Well, it turned out to be Pastor Keith Davey, Director of Missions to Military. 

I cannot tell you what a blessing he was and how grateful I was that he came to minister to my heart.  I was at a very low point and I was away from family and at the time I had not been very close to my Savior either! You will never know what that visit or visits meant to me as a child of God and a member of our military! Even though I had grown up in a Christian home I had a difficult time feeling like I could fit into a local church near the base.

So, please keep doing what you’re doing! I married a Marine, we had 3 sons and 2 of them became Marines and they now each have a son.  So, please do not stop because whether or not any of my grandchildren decide to serve?

Our military families need to be armed with the armor of God even before they go out to represent our America!  God bless you all ❤️.