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Jacksonville NC Ministry

Gary Whitelam
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My wife and I met Tom and Kyung Scaife based on a recommendation from my Command Chaplin. We were fighting fairly regularly, having moved 10 times over the last 10 year of marriage and were beginning to realize that despite a change in friends, location, and finances WE were the common factor in our disagreements. Prior to meeting them, we had already tried multiple times to get settled into counseling but had struggled because our faith is a large component of our relationship and the prior counselor had made suggestions which were not in alignment with it. Since meeting them, we have continued in both their ACBC counseling and bible study through two short deployment and numerous major life stressors and can absolutely say that our lives are significantly better being a part of their ministry. As a result of their guidance, we are both far more active in our faith (both individually and as a couple) and have settled into a local church which we both feel at home in. They have always encouraged us to place God as the ultimate center for our relationship and to remember to show grace, forgiveness, and kindness to our closest neighbor, one another.