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Impact of MTM Jacksonville, NC

Gary Whitelam
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We are so thankful for Missions to Military and specifically to Tom and Kyung’s investment into our lives. Being a military family we move quite frequently and sometimes finding a church family is difficult. When we got orders to move from Yuma to Jacksonville we immediately started praying for God surround us with His people. Almost immediately our prayers were answered. Within a few short months of moving to Jacksonville we met Tom and Kyung. They invited us to lunch where we shared our testimonies with them and got to know them a little. They then invited us to attend their bible study and enjoy a fellowship meal with other military families. We have been meeting with the group for over a year and a half and have made some deep friendships within the group. The level of selflessness and love poured out by these two is immeasurable. They invest in each one individually, taking time to “walk” with us in this journey. We are truly grateful to God for this ministry. (V.A.K)