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Personal Impact of MTM

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I am honored to give testimony to Missions to Military's impact on my life.  For me it is hard to even estimate the full impact, but I know that most likely none of the good things that have happened in the last 42 years would have occurred.  In my case, MTM was filled with examples of Godly father figures that was void from my single parent youth.  To show the relative impact, back in my youth, which had a significant amount of violence and misguided peer pressure, I almost ended up derailing my whole life (as it did over half of the youths I hung out with).  As a last resort to get away I joined the Navy (and was almost not even allowed to join).  The Navy gave me some structure but still numerous bad influences, but God always planted one Christian in my path. I moved from ship to ship, and it seemed like God followed me until I finally responded one morning to a call to worship at a local Church in Jacksonville, Florida.  Christ showed me the light of salvation and soon afterward directed me to Missions to Military, which truly became my home away from home. 

Missions to Military’s Bible training program taught me discipline in self-study.  Up to that point, after my forced study in my military schools, I spent much of my free time in partying and had no real self-discipline.  But with Christ as my motivation and MTM as my foundation I decided to take college courses.  By the end of my 6yr enlistment my personal progress from MTM overflowed in military merit and I was promoted to First Class Petty Officer in charge of my whole division.  The Navy wanted to keep me badly, but I felt the Lord wanted me to go to Engineering School, which I was very apprehensive about.  Long story short, while at school, and talking to the Electronics instructor about how he obtained his job, I had a revelation that I would someday have his job if I finished a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, as he did.  Fifteen years later, attributed to MTM's impact on me, I finished the degrees.  I then looked online and there appeared an opening for the electronics’ instructors’ position due to his recent retirement.  I applied and the Lord miraculously gave me the job at Cuesta College with no teaching experience, and I found myself in his office with a file cabinet full of his paperwork.

During my 25 years as an Instructor, MTM’s influence affected the way I worked and treated my students by always being available to give them the same hope that was in me (especially those hurting or in need).  Knowing that my time is ending at Cuesta College, I am planning for a future of more service to our Lord by enrolling in Seminary studies, which I have completed several courses now.  I hope to finish by next year and continue serving the Lord in whatever He would have me do.  I thank God for MTM and all the good things that the Lord did because of their beautiful examples of the father figures I received and the foundation in the Bible that has brought me through many difficult times.  Col 1:10 drives me on now and MTM always makes me want to make them proud.

Chris Akelian

All I can say is to the below is: 2 Chronicles 16:34, "O give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good; for His mercy endureth for ever."

Cuesta College Engineering Technology and Computer Science Instructor
CW4 Ret Army National Guard (also ex-Navy and Coast Guard Reserves 42 years total) previously a Digital Design and Firmware Engineer in San Diego CA