A Reason To Live

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Understanding Suicide

(Scripture Quotations from the NIV; Reprinted with permission from Radio Bible Class, Grand Rapids, MI)

Have you ever found yourself so disappointed with life that you secretly wondered, “What’s the point of going on?” Have you felt so discouraged, so angry, so confused, so alone, so helpless, so hopeless, so full of pain and shame that you didn’t know whether you wanted to live or die? Do those thoughts sometimes get such a grip on you that you find yourself obsessed with the thought of ending it all?

If so, you need to know that your despair may actually have brought you to the threshold of a new beginning. It may have prepared you for something far better than anything you have ever known before. But first, it’s important for you to know that in your pain…

You Are Not Alone!

Many people struggle daily with the same feelings that are tormenting you. We know this because the problem of suicide is of epidemic proportions in our society. It is estimated that every year at least 30,000 Americans choose to die by suicide.  For every fatal suicide, there are 10 unsuccessful attempts. That brings the total estimate to 300,000 attempted suicides every year in the United States alone!  That means that more than 5 million Americans living today have attempted suicide. It’s obvious the pain tearing at your soul is more common than you may think.

You Still Have Some Options

You may think you have run out of options, but you haven’t. You still have good choices that can bring meaning, purpose, and eventually, even joy to the core of your soul. You have choices that can bring you from darkness into light, from anger into love and from loneliness into the most important of all relationships. You may feel trapped, but you’re not as trapped as you think. You just need to find that hidden passage, that blind doorway that has been eluding you. How can you find the doorway? Well, one way is to follow your pain. You need to realize that:

You Are Not Wrong to Feel Hurt!

It’s alright to experience deep, soul-tearing pain.  Pain, as terrible as it feels, is meant to be a messenger of mercy. Pain in our bodies alerts us to potential injury or sickness. Pain in our souls alerts us to spiritual needs.

People contemplating suicide are people in deep emotional pain. Unfortunately, the intensity of your pain not only signals trouble inside, but it also can cause you to lash out at others-whether they have hurt you or not. Because of their deep pain, suicidal persons are not thinking clearly. Their hurt distorts their vision.

You Can Be Better Off For Feeling Hopeless

It is at the point of hopelessness that we have the opportunity to discover the very purpose for which we have been created. We weren’t made to count on people. We weren’t made to be satisfied by another human being. No mere mortal could ever pour enough love into us to fill up the deep sinkholes of our soul. We were designed by our Creator to experience Him as the ultimate Lover of our souls.

What Can Be Done?

The solution to the despair that comes from living in a fallen world is to face the reality of our inability to deal with life using our own resources. We need to see ourselves as dependent creatures who must rely on the loving involvement of our creator God to make life work.  It is our depravity that gets us into trouble. The only solution to our depravity is the substitutionary death of Christ Jesus on the cross.  Repentance involves facing the foolishness of our determination to make life work on our terms-without God. It also means acknowledging God as the faithful One who enters into our life with the strength and love our hearts yearn for.

” But God demonstrates His own love for us in this, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. ” Romans 5:8

Take His Life, Not Your Own!

The solution for the despair of life we all feel (not just the suicidal individual) is a restoration of our despondent relationship with Christ.

“I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

This is not a mere existence, but a life of freedom to enjoy all that God has for us. Christ came to set us free. He has also promised to rescue us someday from the pain of this present life. Until that glorious day, however, He has promised to sustain us with His presence in the midst of despair.

Getting Further Help

Don’t try to make it on your own if you continue to see suicide as a possible way out of your pain.  Contact a trained counselor, a pastor, or a suicide prevention hotline. This is no time to deny the seriousness of your need. With the right choices, your hopelessness can lead to the dawn of a new day.

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