On Feb. 20th we were blessed with the teaching of Dr. Alan Potter from Shepherds Theological Seminary. Dr. Potter brought us solid teaching and over 40 years of ministry experience to the table in our discussion of Ps. 119:9-16, The “Beth” section. Some of the practical take-homes from this passage were:

  1. One of the most difficult aspects of our ministry or walk with God, is coming to Him whole-heartedly
  2. The answer to the question of “How can a young man keep his way pure?” is:
    1. By way of verse memorization
    2. By way of verbally sharing what we learn in Scripture
    3. By way of meditating or “cultivating” (going over and over) God’s Word/precepts
    4. By way of enjoyment in our relationship with God and His Word—we do not keep time with what we do not enjoy
  3. In these things we bless the Lord. To bless the Lord in verse 12 is an imperative, a command. We just learned exactly how the Lord wishes to be blessed in the previous verses.

**The basic principle from this section scripture can be summed into one sentence: Sin will keep you from the Word, but the Word will also keep you from sin.

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