Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

  • Welcome to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base - We, Joe and Linda Yeargin, extend to YOU a personal invitation to attend a relaxed, home-like atmosphere in the Center during your off duty time. Linda’s homecooked meals are always a treat for those who love to eat. Joe, an ordained minister, spent 8 years in the Air Force and understands the special needs of military personnel. We offer Christian encouragement, fellowship, weekly Bible studies, recreation, special activities, and a listening ear to those who need one. In short, the Center is a wholesome alternative for a time of fun, fellowship, and meeting others who enjoy the same. The Military Christian Center has ministered to the personnel of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base since 1976. Our parent organization, Missions To Military, has for 50 years ministered to all branches of the military in several states, France, and now Ukraine. We are thankful for the opportunity to have an encouraging outreach to our men and women of the military.