1. The Greatest Need in Missions (7/11/2014)

    “What is the greatest need in missions today? Mission boards around the world will tell you that greatest need in missions is manpower. I believe the military affords one the greatest opportunities for manpower and yet I believe that we are sadly neglecting this great mission field.”
    – Keith Davey

  2. Order in the Church: 1 Cor. 11:1-16 (10/13/2014)

    I live in an area that is predominately liberal, both politically and theologically. When we first moved here I suspected that finding an ideal church to join would be difficult. (more…)

  3. Moral Revolution? (10/27/2014)

    Erwin Lutzer claims we are in the midst of a moral revolution, in a very short period of time we have seen a nation that used to celebrate marriage, as one man and one woman, quickly transition to one that almost shuns that particular, biblical perspective. (more…)

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The Military: while we thankfully lift them up in high esteem, and for many a good reason, we far-too-often give little regard to their spiritual condition.

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